Types of Saffron

In this article we will give you more data about this Hebes Saffron and various kinds of it. So you have enough data when you need to purchase.

1. Negin

Albeit Persian Sargol is considered as the excellent saffron, there is another variety of Sargol Hebes Saffron. In the event that three shame strings are joined together and structure a group, this kind of saffron is called Negin. Since creation of Negin saffron is an amazingly sensitive and exact manual ability, it is the most costly sort of saffron and exceptionally restricted to offer. The ISO perusing of Negin is typically more than 270.

2. Sargol (All Red)

This evaluation comprises of ONLY dim red shame tips and has the highest caliber contrasted with different sorts. Sargol saffron is the unadulterated saffron with no wrecked stand and has the ISO perusing of 260-270. Because of amassing of saffron’s dynamic segments in stimas, Persian Sargol has a solid arom and rich shading limit.

3. Pushal (Mancha)

Pushal saffron is the shame a piece of the plant joined to a 1-3 mm style end. As per ISO 3632 framework, this sort falls into grade II class that has a shading perusing of up to 250. In spite of the fact that Pushal doesn’t have Sargol’s unadulterated surface and premium quality, yet a few buyers want to buy Iranian Pushal to be guaranteed of Hebes saffron legitimacy and genuineness.

4. Khooshe (Bunch)

This evaluation is moderately low strength grade (ISO perusing is 70 to 75) and comprises of red blemish in addition to huge measure of yellow style, introduced in a minuscule pack.

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